Welcome to the Indiana University Windows Device Management Services Page

The Windows Device Management platform is the cornerstone of the Device Management solutions offered by UITS Leveraged Services. The mission of the service is to provide a consistent method for desktop management while reducing costs and providing the flexibility needed to meet the needs of the diverse IT landscape of Indiana University.

At its heart, the service utilizes Microsoft’s System Center Configuration Manager (ConfigMgr), by far the worldwide leader in workstation management with over 140 million workstations managed, residing on a series of redundant servers, for the infrastructure component. On the client side, a small agent is installed on each managed system to communicate with the site server via an encrypted channel. This agent inventories all system hardware and installed software and provides a mechanism for the automated installation of software and security patches.

Through the use of role-based administration, IT Professionals are given access to the ConfigMgr console in a manner that allows them to manage all aspects of their Windows server and workstation environment without the burden of the underlying server architecture. Using ConfigMgr, IT Professionals throughout the university can perform tasks related to:

  • Installation of operating systems for new and rebuilt systems.
  • Deployment and management of software applications, updates, and configurations
  • Management of system security through Microsoft patches
  • Monitoring the security status of systems using the integrated Anti-Malware dashboard

While ConfigMgr is in itself not an asset-tracking software package, it does provide reporting on hardware and installed software for each system through the use of inventory policies. Examples of the data that can be gleaned from these reports includes:

  • Device Compliance (Hardware and Software)
  • Deployment and management of software applications, updates, and configurations.
  • Management of system security through Microsoft patches.

Taken in its entirety, the UITS Global ConfigMgr Service is a reliable method to insure compliance with both University policy (IT-12 / IT-28) as well as various industry regulatory standards (PCI, HIPAA, etc.). As a no-charge option for all IT organizations at Indiana University, we believe you will find this an excellent value proposition for Windows device management in your environment.

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