Getting Started

Identity Finder software is designed to locate personally identifiable information (PII) in the form of Social Security Numbers (SSNs), credit card numbers, and other sensitive information that is stored on computers. Individuals and departments at IU can use Identity Finder to help them find and, where possible, remove PII.

IT Professional

As an IT Professional you can request free of charge a Global Identity Finder Services Tenant for the group(s) you support.

To proceed please use the following Tenant request form.

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The Windows client and Mac client can be downloaded from IUware and will connect the endpoint(s) to your Tenant automatically.

The Identity Finder Management Console has two parts: client software installed on your IU computer and a server that collects the completed reports. Each department can designate IT Professionals to manage departmental groups in the Console.

IU employee or student

As an IU employee or student you can download free of charge the Identity Finder client.

The Windows client and Mac client can be downloaded from IUware.

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