"Utilizing collaborative services, we will provide efficiencies to lower the cost of computing and help return technology resources back to the teaching and research mission of the University"

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The College of Arts and Sciences recently moved various organizations into the Global and International Studies Building. After our discovery and analysis phase it was determined that leveraging the IU Print (MPS) platform, the College of Arts and Sciences will save over $34,400 annually and reduce their CO2 emissions by 17,855 lbs.

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The IU Print Student Printing Platform provides a unified solution for student printing across all eight campuses at Indiana University. This platform delivers printing, copying, and scanning functionality in a secure environment for all faculty, staff, and students. Students receive an allotment that can be used at various locations across all campuses.

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The Global Identity Finder (IDF) Platform provides a solution for organizational units across all IU campuses with over 10,000 workstations and over 200 servers. This platform will dramatically change the ability for IU to reduce the overall risk of exposing critical data. It is expected that the IDF Platform will have grown exponentially and provide a much deeper understanding of where organizations are storing various data types.

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The Global Secunia Corporate Software Inspector (CSI) Platform provides services to more than 60,000 clients across Indiana University. The CSI Platform identifies thousands of known programs on clients, checks for missing security patches and vulnerabilities in those programs, and reports back to administrators who are supporting the devices with information on how to update.

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